Yeah, I'm "that guy"

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WTH have you been?

I'm not dead (at least not technically). But I have been very busy "not building a boat". Let me catch you up on a few months of life.

I'm sure you've all heard of COVID-19. Back in March corporate offices were closed across most countries. That was nice, more time to stare at plans over coffee. In April, many people were laid off in the US. I did not have that problem, but my industry (and my company) reduced pay drastically for people in my line of work. As the summer progressed the build of a Class Globe 580 got further and further away.

To pine or to oak

In my past I've done a bit of "sawdust creation". I know a bi about wood, the properties of wood, which woods are nicer to work with, and when to consider a change. The Globe 580 specific clear pine for the frame. This pine is encapsulated in epoxy which secures the wood from water. This is a valid way to build the frames. 

There are other woods that are NOT susceptible to water (rot, absorption, etc). You see these woods in barrels and traditional ship building (clinker, plank, strip). the most common of these woods are teak, cedar, mahogany and ... my favorite ... white oak.

18 May 2020 update

Let's be honest, this whole covid thing sucks. Not so much because of the changes to our day to day but the changes that have resulted form the economic impact. With major potions of the world suddenly unable to work, EVERYONE is impacted. 

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