Yeah, I'm "that guy"

I'm not dead (at least not technically). But I have been very busy "not building a boat". Let me catch you up on a few months of life.

I'm sure you've all heard of COVID-19. Back in March corporate offices were closed across most countries. That was nice, more time to stare at plans over coffee. In April, many people were laid off in the US. I did not have that problem, but my industry (and my company) reduced pay drastically for people in my line of work. As the summer progressed the build of a Class Globe 580 got further and further away.

Then in August my employer offered me an ideal option; become a remote employee and work from our home in Beaufort, SC. We loved our house so much that when I took the job in Charleston we refused to sell it! In September we moved back to our little bungalow and set up home. Now we are back living in our home and we have the savings of "no Charleston apartment" to make up for some of the lost income.

"But wait, this is October... what happened?" you ask. 

That's a great question! One of the joys of our little home is the proximity to the salt water. And with the proximity comes the ability to capture an extended supply of food for the winter. The state of South Carolina has a "shrimp baiting season" from the beginning weeks of September to the beginning weeks of November. I've been taking the last two months to stock up on food for the winter (we are at about 50lbs so far). This also allows us to put some money back into the general accounts for "extra things". 

So that's what has been happening here. The 580 plan is still on hold as we need some financial recovery. I need to address some home repair issues and fix Lil Bit (the v12). I also need to set up more self sufficiency items (garden and well) all of which had been planned for "when we return". 

One last thing... The Mrs would like a slightly larger "weekender capable" sailer for our local estuary. As most married men know, keeping the boss lady happy is pretty much our sole reason for existing. So we may have a quick build of a completely different hull starting before the 580. That would be good for me as it will help me knock the webs off the skills (and tools) on a much simpler project. 

That's it. Hopefully I will start back with my regular posting schedule as my life is getting a little more "normal" these day. Have a great day!