Yeah, I'm "that guy"

My wife and I moved to the South Carolina coast in 2014. My day job has us living in an apartment in Charleston while my build site (and tools) are located in Beaufort! Thats a 100mi (160km) drive... each way. So how do I plan to build a 5.80m race boat?

As a ply over timber frame hull, there is actually a huge advantage for the apartment dweller. Cutting and assembling the timber frames can be done with hand tools. The hardest part will be cutting the ply gussets and dust management. Here are the highlights:

  • Create assembly area with layout grid that is "removable"
    • Floor cover will be 6mil plastic wall to wall
    • Use 6ft melamine shelving for build base.
    • Join melamine on 1x3 using 2 screws for easy take down
    • Cover base with 2x4 luan taped
    • Paint luan with white to make grid easy to see
  • Use hand tools for cutting nominal/dimensional lumber
  • Jigsaw or coping saw for gussets
  • Small shop vac for clean up

Using this setup. I should be able to assemble frames quickly and accurately with little mess. Once frames are assembled, they will be transported to our home where the ply and fiberglass will be cut and assembled on the hull. I'm hoping that a 2week vacation at that point will get me up to the point of fairing. 

I still need to source the metal work, parts that must be commercially acquired, and a Charleston location for finishing the rigging. depending on funding final painting may go out to a boatyard. 

Next I'll get into the tool selection and why hand tools may be a better choice over power tools for much of the early stages of the build.