Yeah, I'm "that guy"

I'm trying to keep a minimal schedule of posting at least once every 2 weeks. This week I'm not really posting about the mini-mini (aka the 580), but more about what I am doing/planning to do to prepare for a looooong run of sailing. Here we go.

Weight loss: I've put on a few pounds the last couple of years. Now is the time to get rid of those unwanted additions to my waistline (and a few extra). I've been running about 2mi a day with Mary (our almost 1yr old Boykin Spaniel). I've been reducing the intake a bit. Still enjoying a drink in the evening but have reduced the calories to a bit over 1500. Last time I did this it was 1000/day and a 4mi run to get down to 180. My goal this time is a 160 baseline. That seems light, but that's a trim or lean weight base. I will put a bit on before wandering off to sea for a year.

Conditioning: Weight is a small part of being able to race. Strength and durability are actually a bit more important. Strength is not about pulling lines. The Globe 580 is not a big boat and, for the most part, she will be very easy to manage. There will be a lot of core effort (moving with waves), fighting with sails in small spaces, and other short but intense efforts. Strength in this case is about the ability to complete the action with limited motion options. Think of trying to get a bolt lose when you only have one option to position your arm. Now make that a sail you need to get on deck, or a motor out of stowage. 

Durability is about surviving. Think of the motions above... Now think about doing them over and over and over.If you miss one due to being sore or exhausted or dehydrated... the consequences could be tragic. On the surface that sounds like endurance, but consider the difference between traditional endurance (just keep going) and the need to endure with reduced food or water supply or a hurricane. Durability is endurance when the conditions allow for no recovery making endurance almost impossible. 

Education: There are many many things to learn. Celestial navigation. Logistics of international resupply. Registering a boat with federal vs state authorities. International tax laws for property. Insurance requirements. Etc etc etc. These would all apply to any circumnavigation. I might as well start learning now!

The plan: Starting with the weight loss and cardio, I will be running on less fuel (food) and I've started to reduce my water consumption (water, beer, coffee, tea, etc) to understand the physical effects as well as provide a baseline on what I need to remain functional (this will set my water and food on board requirements). I've acquired a "classical" manual on celestial navigation. I'm beginning the process to acquire sextant and other tools needed for celestial navigation. Once I have a solid foundation on the previous concepts/actions, I will start working on a more regimented workout for upper body strength and endurance as well as planned fasting, water deprivation and sleep deprivation. The goal being to understand the limits of my body. Once those limits are known I can plan to improve and measure the results. I'm saving the legal/logistics until later in the program as there are too many variables at this point in time. We may see dramatic changes in insurance and resupply regulations thanks to the latest round of pandemic reactions. Let's see how that pans out before doing much.

Lastly, I'm working on building a funding method that will let me chase the Globe 580 dream completely. I don't have much progress on that yet, but I'm working with some super supportive and smart people to figure out how to make it work. I'll have to do a complete post on what "chase the Globe 580 dream" really means. More on that later...