Yeah, I'm "that guy"

In my past I've done a bit of "sawdust creation". I know a bi about wood, the properties of wood, which woods are nicer to work with, and when to consider a change. The Globe 580 specific clear pine for the frame. This pine is encapsulated in epoxy which secures the wood from water. This is a valid way to build the frames. 

There are other woods that are NOT susceptible to water (rot, absorption, etc). You see these woods in barrels and traditional ship building (clinker, plank, strip). the most common of these woods are teak, cedar, mahogany and ... my favorite ... white oak.

White oak is my favorite for a few reasons. It has a wonderful tight grain,. It is hard but cuts easily. Is less prone to immediate warpage once cut/surfaced. Is widely available. And, most importantly, it isn't expensive. 

I have an opportunity to swap my pine for white oak with a very small penalty in cost and weight. I'm going to need to check with he Class Globe 580 body and make sure they accept that as a solution. The big advantage for me is that it will make frames that require less maintenance and will last forever.