Yeah, I'm "that guy"

I'm not unwilling to make some tree dust. Lil Bit was a glass on ply stitch and glue, meaning the frames were cut from ply. This is a very easy method as you draw the frame on ply, cut it out and... done! The plans for boats like Lil Bit tell you exactly there on each sheet of ply you should cut each frame to maximize the use of ply (minimize waste). 

Now Lil Bit More is glass on ply over timber frames. This means that I need to make a set of frames from wood at specific thicknesses and then assemble the frames. Working with my set of plans to request a quote I started to add up all the timer needed. To make this easy for me and anyone else starting before a kit, here is my GUESS based on rounding up and using a largest bounding box model. This WILL result in excess waste. I will update this chart as I am able to make more accurate assessment of needs. All measurements are millimeters (mm).

Pine/larch (or similar) timber needed
Size/Frame Stringer P A B C D D' (this one is wrong) E
30x22 2700              
40x22 1400              
85x22 (reduced to 45x22 per roof line curvature)         2148 1406 1620  
50x22 2700 7080 7544 4550 4888 4064 6872 3272
70x22 1400              
100x22               2160

As ot 2020.04.23 this is list very inaccurate.