Yeah, I'm "that guy"

Let's be honest, this whole covid thing sucks. Not so much because of the changes to our day to day but the changes that have resulted form the economic impact. With major potions of the world suddenly unable to work, EVERYONE is impacted. 

As I mentioned previously, I'm still employed, but I did not escape unscathed. This has put my plan to start building on hold a bit. i am still planning to build the Class Globe 580. Right now it is more about the schedule of materials, a strategy to "build as much as possible" with limited time and how to enable additional funding to make sure no safety is compromised. 

The latter effort has provided me time to chat with others and forced me to think about what my real, deep down goals are for this effort. I'm not quite ready to document the results of the conversations as I'm not sure of my answers yet. 

Finally, I'm thinking of live streaming some of the planning/thinking as well as build time. Not yet certain on how that will work. Not sure I have enough followers to make it worth while. Comment below if you have any thoughts on live streaming or other topics.