Yeah, I'm "that guy"

Let's talk a little bit about LIl Bit.

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A while back the Mrs and I moved from upstate NY to the coast of South Carolina. As a person who likes to be outside and prefers to be outside fishing I decided I needed a boat. One of the things I notice was that I really didn't like the idea of a motor boat. Noisy, lots of extra taxes, and to be honest, not all that friendly to the environment. I decided I wanted a sailboat. 

The question was "what sailboat do I want?" After a little bit of searching I realized that 

  • The commercial boats I found weren't really designed to be a fish getter.
  • The commercial boats I found were EXPENSIVE.

I realized that I would need to "make" a boat that did what I wanted. I had never built a boat before so I started looking for plans and engaging people online. At some point I found the guys at Boat Builder Central in Vero Beach, Florida. After looking at their site I noticed they had a forum. I signed up and started asking questions. Within a few minutes the designer of most of the BBC plans answered my question! 

It wasn't long until I settled on the V12 as the right boat for me. A bit of negotiating with the bank (the boss lady) and the plans were acquired. I started a build thread and got to work!

I won't say much about building the V12 here as that was all documented on the build thread. I will say a few things about BBC and Martens-Goosin designs.

  1. Jeff and the team at BBC are the bomb. Give them a chance to bid on your business. The speed and support of those guys makes you wonder why any other company is still in business. And the prices are competitive. No idea how they do it. 
  2. Jacques knows how to design a boat. He is honest about the limits of his designs. Lil Bit behaves perfectly because I did what Jacques suggested in the plans and when I asked him questions.
  3. BBC and Jacques provide the boat building community an amazing and supportive forum for the stitch and glue build method. But they don't care what you are doing or building. 

That's it. Check out my LIl Bit build thread. There are lots of pictures in the thread. 

Sail on!