Yeah, I'm "that guy"

Render of Class Mini 580 Hello fellow Class Mini 580 builders! Welcome to my build of hull #4. To say I'm excited to be building an ocean going hull is kind of like saying "those of us building the Mini 580 like the idea of sailing".

Let's get some book keeping out of the way...

  • If your looking for build materials at good prices and with the best customer service, please contact Boat Builder Central. Jeff, the owner, has been super supportive and I would appreciate it if you gave him an opportunity to give you a quote.
  • If you want to contact me, please click the Contact link, join the forum at Boat Builder Central or sign up on my site here. It is free and the folks here are ready to help. 
  • I'm keeping a public google sheet detailing my products purchased, the estimated costs, the actual costs and any details about the the purchase. This sheet will evolve over time.
  • Here is a post that lists links to my tips for other builders of the Mini 580. <no link yet>
  • Here is a post that lists links to my "well that didn't work" moments. <no link yet>
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Let's talk about my desire to build a Mini 580....

One of my fellow BBC builders made the following comment regarding the 2024 Class Mini 580 Global race. I find his approach hilarious as well as enlightening when I look at this from someone else's perspective.

Netpackrat wrote: 
Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:21 pm
As I said in the other thread, it seems overly elaborate if suicide is the goal.

My response was pretty much "normal" for Jaysen...

Jaysen wrote: 
Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:44 pm
While not a personal goal, going out shouting “bring it!” to the deity is more my style than anything graceful or peaceful.

When you think about what we are building, why we are building, and what we want to do with the our completed builds, we are either nuts, unafraid of death or willing to embrace risks normal people can't see as acceptable. What is wrong with us?

We live in a world of constant screams that we need bigger, faster, automated, mass produced, and expensive. I've dreamed of sailing for years but until I built Lil Bit (JM V12) I had never really sailed on my own. LIl Bit was intended to get me to fishing holes and shuttle the Mrs to a sand bar with no engines. Just wind and oars. Prior to Lil Bit I loved the idea of sailing... once I was in Lil Bit... good lord I love sailing!

Not long after building Lil Bit my wife and I "semi relocated" to Charleston South Carolina USA. Lil Bit stays at our home and I hated not getting to sail every day. It wasn't long until I found myself on a J30 working as crew for weekly harbor and occasional offshore races. My favorite sail was when we ran a race from Charleston harbor to Hilton Head Island (near where Lil Bit stays). The seas ran 12'+ and winds in the 30mph range. Not having spent much time (any) in those conditions, I found myself terribly seasick but loving every minute on the boat. As night fell and conditions worsened I asked the captain "where should I be?" He pointed to starboard push pit. I sat down, lashed myself to the rail and proceeded to check out. I remember being woken up a few times and hearing "are you ok" and "we need to reef". According to the Captain I always replied with "I LOVE THIS" and then hopped to. That race sealed it for me. I love sailing.

I looked at my options Mrs and I considered a live-aboard. There are reasons we are unable to do that. I considered a J30, but no matter how "affordable" the initial purchase is, the overall cost just didn't add up. The same was true for all the pocket cruisers. Right about the time I said to a friend "I think I'm never going to find the right boat", Don McIntyre posts about Class Mini 580. A small, home built, inexpensive, ocean crosser that hits all the compromises AND he's putting together an international class for racing AROUND THE WORLD!!!

My plan is to make the 2024 global. I don't know if that is possible. I have a lot of sailing to do just to have the needed qualified hours (Lil Bit More will be where most of those hours are logged). I still have a day job so I'm likely to need some "alternate funding" if the Globe is to become a reality. I'll also need to lick that sea sickness thing. And I really like my wife so I need to make sure she is really OK with me heading off into the blue for weeks at a time with limited contact. But I'm game for it.

I think that's enough of me meandering. If you have questions about me, what I'm planning, how you can be involved, or just want to call me stupid feel free to PM or post on this thread.

Lets get her built!